period OKC

Period poverty is when someone does not have access to pads, tampons or other period supplies. This issue is a problem for menstruators around the world but also right here in our community.

Period OKC is a nonprofit with a simple mission- provide free menstrual products to people. We collect monetary and product donations to provide no cost menstrual products to local aid agencies, schools, or anywhere that menstruators need supplies.

Service: We distribute pads, tampons, wipes, and menstrual cups to aid facilities and organizations who put them in the hands of people.

Education: Sharing information about periods is the best way to fight stigma and shame surrounding menstruation. We believe in normalizing period talk and promoting options for period supplies.

Advocacy: Paper products are available at no cost in bathrooms, why not tampons and pads? We want Oklahoma government and schools to provide essential hygiene products.

Half of the population menstruates and one of four menstruators has struggled to buy period supplies due to lack of income. People who do not have access to period supplies are forced to improvise and use things like toilet paper or old clothes. This makes life difficult because people are unable to participate in daily activities outside the home, forcing children to miss school and adults to miss work. This is period poverty and the effects are harmful to the physical and mental health of our community. 

To make matters worse, period supplies are not eligible to buy with government aid program funds like SNAP and TANF. Unlike other paper products, pads and tampons are not routinely provided in public bathrooms.

Period OKC is dedicated to serving all who menstruate which includes trans men, non-binary people, and women and girls. We use gender neutral language and branding because we give our support to all people in need.

Period OKC Foundation is a nonprofit organization, all donations are tax deductible.

EIN 87-2195765